When you really need a Math Person…


You can have a top-level math tutor (also an award-winning teacher and math coach) responding via text, email, video, or phone call, ANY time your student needs help.

Whether it’s understanding what’s going on in their class, finishing homework, or preparing for a test, the Math Person can answer your student’s math questions, whenever they have them.


Real-time help via text, email, video, and calls.


If your student has a cell phone or email account, he or she can get real-time math help all semester (or all year) long. If it’s middle school or high school math, MathPerson.com can help.

Supports your student’s class and schedule

MathPerson.com’s on-call tutoring complements and supports what your student is already doing in their classroom. It’s perfect for traditional school students, year-round students, homeschool students, and special needs students.

Develops math skills and confidence

MathPerson.com helps your student build critical math skills, as well as a true understanding of what they are doing in class. You’ll get a skilled, experienced teacher whose encouragement and involvement can make all the difference in your student’s experience of math.

MathPerson Founder Lance Bledsoe

In addition to running MathPerson.com, Lance Bledsoe (“Mr. B”) teaches online math courses and also coaches middle- and high-school teachers in school systems across western and central North Carolina.

The Tech Your Student Already Uses

Take advantage of the technology your student already has in his or her pocket! An actual Math Person, and all the math support your student needs, is only a text or email away.


Blazing Fast Responses to Questions

Most questions are answered within 30 minutes, and nearly all are answered on the same day. All semester long! So much easier than traditional tutoring.


Most Math Courses Are Covered

We cover most 6th-12th grade math subjects, including Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Math 1, 2, & 3 (Integrated Math), Advanced Functions and Modeling, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

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The MathPerson.com experience is TOTALLY different…

This isn’t traditional tutoring, where you set up a time to meet in person or online each week for a 30-minute or hour-long tutoring session. That’s complex and expensive, and your student often has to wait several days to get their questions answered.

When you sign up for Math Person on-call tutoring, your student can text, call, or email their questions whenever they have them, and they’ll usually get a response within 30 minutes, and almost always on the same day.

Here’s how the Math Person provides students with immediate help with their math problems:

  • A student texts to ask a question about a homework problem
  • A student sends a photo (it only takes a second!) of a problem they missed on a recent math quiz or test, asking for help in understanding what they did wrong
  • A student texts to say they are confused about a new (or old) topic they are working on in their math class
  • A student texts to confess that they are completely lost in their math class and don’t even know where to begin… (Don’t worry, this happens a lot. The Math Person can help!)

The Math Person asks the right questions to help the student find solid ground, then coaches him or her along to their goal.

 Most questions are answered by the Math Person within 30 minutes, and almost all are answered on the same day.

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I really appreciate what you are doing with R. He is doing so much better in the geometry class, and he actually has a 94.75 average which is a lot better than he was doing when he was moved. He really enjoys coming and tutoring with you, and says that you are helping him succeed. Again thanks. We were lucky to find you.

Ms. Stanton


I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done with my daughter. She speaks very highly of you and loves your class. It truly makes a difference to have great teachers like yourself teaching our children.

Ms. Jones


I want to reach out and let you know how impressed I am with your communication with both students and parents. I teach a course using Canvas for UNC-Charlotte, and you have inspired me to increase interaction online with my students. I love that you utilize the Announcements section of the course to share daily work expectations and to give shout-outs to students.

Ms. Harrington


Meet the Head Math Person

Hi, I’m Lance Bledsoe (aka “Mr. B”) and I’m the founder and head Math Person here at MathPerson.com. After careers in engineering and program evaluation, as well as several years spent homeschooling three sons, I became a high school math teacher at a large suburban high school. I currently teach online math courses with North Carolina Virtual Public Schools, and work as an instructional coach with middle- and high-school math teachers across North Carolina.

I love math and problem-solving, and while I spent many years as a traditional face-to-face math tutor, I’ve become more and more aware of its limitations. Students are comfortable communicating electronically, and they appreciate getting their math questions answered immediately by an experienced and encouraging math expert, without having to wait until their next tutoring “session.”

Math Subjects Covered

Pre-Algebra • Algebra 1 & 2 • Geometry

Math 1, 2, & 3 (Integrated Math) • Advanced Functions and Modeling

Pre-Calculus • Calculus

Here are some actual interactions the Math Person has had with students… (Wow, quick response times!)

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